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Hi folks, I'm working on a new adventure game called Moth Lake!

This is the story of Moth Lake,
a small town that, behind its peaceful facade, hides a terrible secret:
there are rumors of a mark that appears on the skin of the most unfortunates, a omen of doom and death.
Only the boys at Sun Home orphanage seem to have discovered more about the phenomenon, but no one listens to their voices...
...as if they were completely invisible to the world outside.

Obscure events will unfold, harbingers of the eclipse that will darken Moth Lake forever,
turning nightmares into reality and unveiling the horrors that lurk in the shadow.

FAQs and edgy answers:

1) Is Moth Lake Dentures-and-Demons-3?
(You said it's a new project like 1 million times but I have a problem understanding very simple concepts)

Moth Lake is a completely different story, different characters, different universe, but still an adventure game!

2) Are you going to make Dentures-and-Demons-3 in the future?
(Why do you want to create new stories when you can stick to the same characters till you hate them?)

I think DD2 is the best ending for Junior's journey, so you shouldn't expect more DD games. I may get inspired and make DD3 in the future, but there's a ton of different stories I want to tell you before even considering it.

3) When will you publish Moth Lake?
(I think games can be created in no-time, or maybe I have a problem understanding the concept of "time")

Probably I'm gonna publish this game around December 2022, but I can't make promises, since this project is self-funded and I don't even know if I'll be able to work full-time on it. Hold on and stay tuned to social media, because I'll keep posting about it!
(You can follow the development here: Moth Lake's roadmap)

4) For which platforms will you publish Moth Lake?
(I have a new microwave and I want to see if that's good for gaming)

I'm planning to publish Moth Lake for Android, iOs, PC and Mac, but plans can be changed and I can die before I publish this game.

5) Will your new game be free?!
(I have spent one million dollars for my phone, but I may die if I offer you a cup of coffee!)

You can expect a free-version, but I'm gonna make a pro-version, for a much longer and deeper experience.
You know, I try to make some compromises to give some fun even to most unfortunate players, but you guys have better devices and clothes than me! LOL

6) Will there be a localization for my language?
(I speak a languaged called "Aaeojbsdyigr", and people from my country prefer to hack your game instead of supporting you economically... but I expect you to pay someone to translate your game or I'll give you 1 star reviews everywhere, even on TripAdvisor!)

Both Dentures-and-Demons games have been translated for free by some amazing fans.
They made an incredible work, and I'd love to keep going with them, but I can't guarantee they'll do the same thing another time, and when.
So I'm gonna try crowdfunding to collect some budget to revenue translators, and motivate them ...but since I don't think crowdfunding is gonna work, probably there will be very few languages available on the release date.
Maybe more localizations will be added after some time, or maybe not... We will find it out.
If you want to help translating join my Discord and ask me!

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Give a thanks via Ko-fi