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Contest over!

Contest is over

Draw your DD2 skin contest

Hi folks!

Would you like to draw your own skin for Dentures and Demons 2?
If the answer is yes, I have good news for you!

Here starts "Draw your DD2 skin" contest

General rules:

  • You have time until January 17th at 14:00 (UTC) (I will announce when time is over)
  • You can draw as many skins as you want and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Discord
  • The winner will be the post with more reactions/likes
  • There will be a winner for each platform (see specific rules below)
  • It can be any kind of visual art (I will re-draw it in pixel art, or better in Sui Arts art! With multiple body shapes and movements, to fit it into the game)
  • The winning skins will be included in the next Dentures and Demons 2 release and you will be mentioned in the game

More places you post - more chances to win!

You have to post your art on my page and share that post (facebook.com/SuiArts)

You have to make a public post and tag @suiartsgames #DenturesAndDemons2

You have to make a public post and tag @SuiArts #DenturesAndDemons2

Post your art in #contests (Invitation: Discord )


Make something very personal, far from what the game already offer.
A chicken? An alien? A guy with a big nose?
Any kind of visual art is very welcome!



If you want to join this contest and make a pixel art, but you don't know how to do it, I recommend you to use these tools:
piskelapp.com - everything can be done directly on your browser
Pixel Studio - works well on PC (steam), Android and iOs.


Give a thanks via Ko-fi

Give a thanks via Ko-fi

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