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Walkthrough DD2
Prologue and First Act

At your House, Things are Getting Worse, Cursed Relics


House, Kitchen, Bathroom, Street, Sui Arts, Magnet, Wrench, Brick, Wire Cutters, Prison, Sock, Mouse, Toothbrush, Snack, File, Bus driver, Cemetery, Gargoyle, Scale, Gate

Second Act

The Destiny of Adelmo and Guendalina


Lunapark, Stick, Cemetery, Shovel, Tombstone, Key, Room 17, Hotel, Fan, Marker, Fountain, Coin, Toilette Paper, Pencil, Grid, VIP Ticket, Matches, Herbcide, Wrench, Abandoned Quarry, Sewers, Valve, Rubber Duck, McBee Carnival, Ducks Game, Little Girl, Teddy Bear, Batteries, House of Mirrors, Destiny Compass, Destiny Gear, Destiny Bracelet, Trash Fire, Pipes, Tombstone, Hospital, Sandwich, Bottle, Water, Brambles, Catacombs, Hole, First Relic, First Demon, Anacleto, Key Room 666

The Destiny Compass Puzzle:

How to change the cardinal directions? If your device has an accelerometer sensor, you just need to point the phone around yourself, as if it is a real compass. If your device has no accelerometer the game will allow you to spin it manually.

Destiny Compass

Jump in the catacombs hole:

Make a jump with the phone in your hand (or simply shake it). You can also try to leave that place and Junior will throw you down the hole.

Catacombs hole

Room 666, Underground


Hotel, Key Room 666, Cockroach, Door, Elevator, Second Relic, Second Demon, Agata, Sewers, Door, Fan, Raft, Valves Waste, Radioactive Water, Voice, Audio, Valves Pressure, Third Relic, Third Demon, Eliseo, Rat

Valves Puzzle

The South Wing Fire


Hospital, Marker, Pencil, Computer, Password, Scissors, Clock Hands, Monument, McBee Carnival, Fucking Creepy Clown, Balloons, Little Girl, Lollipop, Pin, Cat, Bar, Frame, Balloon explosion, Wake up, Cemetery, Candles, Matches, Angel Statue, Sundial, Husband Photo, Framed Photo, Flowers, Lily-of-the-valley, hydrangea, Oleander, Painting, South Wing, Lights Off, Poison, Fourth Relic, Fourth Demon, Renée Parish, Reina Herpes, Mosaic Tile

The Damned Souls Puzzle:

You just need to switch off the screen or suspend the game (so that those damned souls can't see you)

Damned souls

The Final Relic


McBee Carnival, Puke, Lollipop, House of Horrors, Mosaic Tiles, Spooky Train Ride, Fifth Relic, Annibale, Manlio

How to puke

How to puke

Eggs on the street

Final Act

The Maniac Clown


McBee Carnival, Clowns, Adelmo Pellagra, Door, Secret knock, Guendalina, Trailers, Catacombs, Anacleto

The clown on stilts (Alcide Gengiva):

You just need to run all around the screen until he panics and fall down.

The clown on stilts

The Case of the Four Suicides


Hotel, Suicides, Victims, Comedian, Writer, Musician, Hairpin, Ghosts, Paintings, Moon, Seasons, Wood, Agata

The Ogre at the Lake House


Abandoned Quarry, Sewers, Ghosts, Ogre, Lake House, Paintings, Tailing, Door, Battery, Switchers, Eliseo

Lethal Flowers


Hospital, Flowers, Locker, Lovers, River, Professor, Renée

Out of Time


McBee Carnival, Spot The Girl, Crowd, House of Horrors, Manlio Fight, Manlio Demon Fight


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